3 Questions Answered About Air Rifles

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Air rifles can be a good choice to have on your property when you simply want to shoot at some vermin or wildlife that's invading your space without having a real gun on hand. They are also commonly used for target practice, as an air rifle may be cut and weighted to feel like a real gun. Because an air rifle is still a dangerous weapon, it's good to understand some issues with their safety and how to use them properly as well as legally. Note some answers to a few commonly asked questions about air rifles.

1. Is a license needed for an air rifle?

This answer will often depend on your area and the overall type of air rifle you choose. Some air rifles are very small and nothing more than plastic toys, whereas others are powerful enough to be considered actual weapons. If you're not sure if you need a license to own and use an air rifle, you can always ask a store that sells them as they will know what licenses are required and for which specific rifles. If there is a license required for a particular type, you might consider downgrading to something lighter with less power so that you can keep and use it legally without the paperwork, but be sure you find out about requirements in your area before you make any decisions.

2. What is the difference between CO2 and a spring action gun?

A CO2 gun is powered by a short burst of gas that propels the projectile forward. A spring action gun works with a spring that exerts force. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages; the CO2 gun will eventually run out of power as the gas runs out and you need to reload. The spring action gun typically provides a more thorough and consistent propulsion as it doesn't have gas or chemicals that will run out as you keep firing, but may not have the force of a CO2 gun.

3. Do bigger pellets mean more power?

This is a common misconception, that a larger gun with bigger pellets always means more power. The amount of power of an air gun will depend on its velocity and force. Smaller guns may be able to provide just as much velocity and force as larger guns. However, note that if you're shooting at vermin, you need a larger projectile to actually penetrate their skin and kill them, if that's your objective. In those cases, you want both a stronger gun with more velocity and force and a larger pellet.

Learn more about the latest air rifles and which one will suit your needs by talking to local experts or official suppliers. 


15 December 2015

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