The infinite benefits of synthetic grass

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With water shortages and stringent water management procedures becoming ever more common, the environment-conscious are constantly looking to alternative and creative sustainable ways to lead their lives. Of all things, overseeing the health and longevity of your garden and lawn can be a major headache when you're also concerned about the water supplies of the future, especially in a place as prone to drought and extreme temperatures as Australia. Fortunately, using synthetic grass as a natural turf substitute is becoming increasing popular throughout country and for good reason. Here's why you should consider synthetic grass.

1. Lessens your water usage and then some

Obviously, unlike natural lawns, synthetic grass requires absolutely no water usage to maintain. On top of that, synthetic lawns do not need to be treated with any sort of chemicals and fertilisers as is common practice with their natural counterparts. In that sense, synthetic lawns are generally quite good for the environment and will save you a fortune in water bills after installation. 

2. Easy to maintain with great longevity 

With synthetic lawns, you also will never have to invest in or use a lawn mower, which can often cost quite a bit of money. Weed control is also significantly easier, given that it's literally impossible for weeds to grow on your lawn in the first place, and you'll never have to worry about worn or dead grass, diseased spots or damage caused by insects. In general, synthetic grass can last up to around 15 years before requiring replacement, although occasional brushing and grooming is necessary to maintain its clean image.

3. Affordable

While the initial installation cost of about $75 to $100 per square metre might discourage some, synthetic grass is an affordable option in the long term. Limited maintenance and watering requirements can ultimately save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars you would spend on a natural lawn. 

4. Many, many, many uses

Synthetic grass can be used in innumerable creative ways, depending on your desires and requirements. In addition to things like synthetic grass tennis courts and bowling greens, synthetic grass can also be laid down inside the house on tabletops or bar mats, or even in the TV room to immerse you in the cricket match one step further. The artistic lot may also find themselves implementing easily maintained synthetic grass in their creative projects.

There are many reasons to consider using synthetic grass for your home or business. Before making a decision, be sure to get quotes and advice from a variety of lawn installation companies. 


29 November 2016

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Hi, there! Welcome my friend to my new blog. When I was a child, I hated the water. When my dad tried to teach me how to swim in the local pool and burst out crying and ran to my mother's arms. After that traumatic experience, I decided that I wasn't going to near the water ever again. I managed to keep myself dry for the next 27 years. I met a wonderful woman who loved to swim and sail on the open sea. She encouraged me back into the water and I had an amazing time. I now own a sailboat and take part in swimming competitions. I hope you enjoy my blog.