The Best Options for a Low-Maintenance Tennis Court Surface

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For keen tennis players, having a court at home is a dream come true. If you're a tennis fan about to take the plunge and get your own court built, you may have been surprised at how many choices there are to be made before the project can get underway.

One of the areas with the most options is the surface of the court, and it's fair to say it's the most important bit to get right. Not only does it need to perform well and make an ideal playing surface in all weathers, but the maintenance required can vary quite a bit. Unless you're happy to spend time and effort on maintenance, or you're employing someone to do it for you, you'll want something that needs as little attention as possible. Here are some of the best options:

Hard court

The majority of professional tennis courts are made with hard court surfacing, which should give you confidence that it makes a good playing surface. The exact composition of hard courts vary between companies, but they typically consist of at least a layer of acrylic over a layer of concrete. Some proprietary court surfaces have several different layers in between. The play is fast on this type of surface, so expect some hectic games.

Hard courts require very little in the way of maintenance. The lines are set into the acrylic, so won't need repainting, and the court withstands wet weather without the need for resting between games. It will also be hard-wearing and durable.

Artificial turf

People often like the way a real grass court looks. It's classic, natural, and blends in more easily with gardens. However, grass takes an awful lot of upkeep. Firstly, it needs to be mown frequently to keep the ideal length, and then there are all the weeds to contend with. Add in regular line painting and it's pretty much a full-time job.

Artificial grass can achieve the same look without all the upkeep. It needs very little doing to it to maintain its condition, and it even gives much better grip than real grass when it's wet.

Artificial clay

Some people opt for real clay in the hopes it won't require much looking after, but the truth is quite different. It can be heavily affected by rain and needs to be flattened and smoothed out regularly, plus it's easily damaged.

With artificial clay, you can enjoy the slower games and softer surface afforded by a clay surf

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