Yakity Yak, Don't Look Back: 3 Pieces Of Equipment You Need To Go Kayak Fishing

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Heading out for a day of fishing is a great way to enjoy fresh air and get away from technology. This year, you want to try something different and go fishing from your kayak, but you are not too sure what pieces of fishing equipment you need to make this outing happen.  Now that the temperature is rising, it is time to head down to your local outdoor shop to buy these three items which will help make your angling adventure a huge success:

Rod holder

There are two different types of rod holder that you can purchase for your kayak, and they are:

  • A flush mounted rod holder which is a tube mounted behind the kayak seat. The base of the fishing rod slips into the tube, and a leash clips around the pole to hold it in place.
  • A secure mount rod and reel holder which clamps around these components of your fishing gear. A secure mount can be installed on the centre deck of your kayak and offers more stability than the flush mounted holder. This option is popular if you are going out to open water for fishing where you are more likely to experience waves.


As a general rule kayaks don't come with anchors, but you will need one while fishing; especially when you are in the process of reeling in your catch. Choose a small anchor that won't take up a lot of room on the kayak. A folding anchor is the best choice because it folds up small, but it still offers plenty of hold when dropped onto the water floor.

Paddle holder

Another thing you don't want to be worried about while reeling in your fish is your paddle. Obviously, you don't want to be up the creek without it if it falls overboard either. A paddle leash is a good investment for your fishing expedition. It clips around the paddle pole and has a clip at the other end, which you can attach to your kayak. When your attention is diverted by the fish, you don't need to fear your paddle being the one that got away!

While at the outdoor store buying this equipment, let the salesperson know you are heading off to do some kayak fishing over the summer. The salesperson is knowledgeable about all the latest fishing equipment available to buy, so has plenty of advice about other pieces of equipment required to make your trip a fulfilling feat.


18 September 2017

How I Fell in Love with the Sea

Hi, there! Welcome my friend to my new blog. When I was a child, I hated the water. When my dad tried to teach me how to swim in the local pool and burst out crying and ran to my mother's arms. After that traumatic experience, I decided that I wasn't going to near the water ever again. I managed to keep myself dry for the next 27 years. I met a wonderful woman who loved to swim and sail on the open sea. She encouraged me back into the water and I had an amazing time. I now own a sailboat and take part in swimming competitions. I hope you enjoy my blog.