Five trends in Australian camping


With Australians choosing more mobile lifestyle options, camping and camper vans are coming back into style. More minimalist options are now in trend, with Australians embracing a back to basics philosophy when they hit the road with their camper trailers. They are choosing power- and money-saving options that also help the environment. Here are five current trends in Australian camping.

1. Hybrid camper vans

For campers looking to save space and money, hybrid camper vans are the ultimate choice for camping. They tend to be smaller and more narrow than traditional camper vans, but their diversity makes them a great option for current camper. With smaller hot water systems to save you money, hybrid vans are a great financial choice. And they are also easier to set up than more traditional camper vans.

However, if you are concerned that hybrid camper vans may be too small, there are many different styles that come with pop-out areas, inflatable roofs and other extensions, allowing them to expand to give you more real estate for your money.

2. Cheaper is better

In the past, the image of someone hitting the road in a camper trailer brought to mind retirees and those with loads of money saved up for a long luxury trip. But these days, a budget road trip is far more in style, with pared-down camping trips a big trend.

Baby boomers used to be the target market when it came to camper trailers, but with more millennials taking an interest in camping, the focus is now on getting trips to be as cheap as possible. But cheaper definitely doesn't need to mean worse. Entry-level camper vans can get you on the road quicker whilst still giving you a reliable product.

3. Unplugging

For a while there, "glamping" was all the range, with camping taking the style of an outdoors hotel with all sorts of mod cons. But now the more unplugged camping style is making a comeback. So rather than bringing along with you all the tech that you can, camping has gone back to its roots as a way to escape from the modern word. Younger campers are choosing to unplug, get back to nature and leave all the tech behind.

Aussies are choosing to get as far off the beaten track as possible with their road trip routes, choosing locations that don't even have phone reception, so that they can't update social media even if they wanted to.

4. Retro style

The RVs of old are coming back into style as everything old is new again. Retro camper vans can be hired or bought for a bargain price. But you don't need to scour the secondhand ads, necessarily. Even a brand new camper van can come fitted out with that retro vibe that is all the rage in camping right now. However, hiring can also help to save money if you are not ready for the full-time investment in a camper trailer.

5. Pop-up camping spots

You surely know the image of a boring old camp site. However, exotic locations are in big style right now, which is where pop-up camping sites come in.

Pop-up camping spots give you access to areas that may not usually be available, or even legal, to camp on. They offer bookings for limited times during the year, meaning that you can see interesting and exclusive areas of Australia while still sticking to a budget.

Another benefit of pop-up camping spots is that they have communal areas that provide social experiences and a space to connect with others on a similar journey. You can bring your own camper trailer or stay in one of the tents provided.

Smaller, cheaper and more basic are the current trends in Australian camping. However, these trends definitely don't have to mean boring or lower quality. With your camper trailer in toe, it might be time to explore what Australia has to offer in terms of camping and exploration.


27 May 2019

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